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Tenesix Inc. provides Intellectual Property Cores for ASICs and FPGAs and Verification Consulting Services to semi-conductor and system vendors providing Networking, Communications and Image Processing solutions. Our Image Processing cores are used by camera manufacturers in the visible light and infrared regions.

Tenesix Inc. adds expertise in market access for the financial markets using FPGAs to reduce latency. Familiarity with various protocols used by exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS and Direct Edge.

Our FPGA based Intellectual Property allows semiconductor vendors to provide a solution to a problem not solved by an existing ASIC. In smaller markets or when the cost of re-spinning an ASIC is not justified, an FPGA along with an existing ASIC can be a cost-effective solution to a customer’s problem. The FPGA is partitioned so that the Intellectual Property can be easily transferred to an ASIC.

ASICS/FPGA Design and Verification Consulting Services.

We have designed and developed integrated circuits for some of the most significant broadband communication markets. Our design expertise covers areas like SONET, Ethernet, DS3 and ATM networking technologies and ASIC designs using HDL (VHDL/Verilog) modeling, simulation, verification and synthesis. We provide value to our customers by being a part of their team or by independently taking responsibility for a complete FPGA or ASIC or parts within. Our Image Processing Intellectual Property has been used in endoscopes and low-light cameras for the defense industry.

We provide our customers with an opportunity to partner with some of the best trained and most highly focused people in the business. People with just the right mix of experience, business sense and solid communication skills. People who have worked together for many years, and who know how to leverage the strengths of our entire team to create real value for you.

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